The revolution of style aims at enhancing the beauty of bodies highlighted by the most dynamic accessory in the wardrobe while the fair sex responds with a declaration of eternal loyalty. From micro to maxi sizes, in leather, fabric or velvet, it seems that women are no longer able to go without this super trend […]

By Claudia Carrocciaon 26/01/2019

On the dawn of this 2019, we should all have learned to be more open-minded and gender-fluid: nevertheless, the association between the words ‘bag‘ and ‘man‘ still feels dissonant and, at times, uncomfortable. The truth is that for the male universe, a bag is generally a totally feminine, mysterious and sometimes scary, fetish: a man […]

By Jacopo Beltramoon 16/01/2019

Always a woman’s perfect companion, her majesty the hat is nothing but the expression of a profound elegance capable of communicating the hidden essence of an ego; not just a simple accessory, but the particularity of a detail whose secrets reside in the memory of a past with undisputed charm. Nustox signs the list with […]

By Claudia Carrocciaon 11/01/2019

The countdown has officially begun. The brightest month of the year is here: among exclusive parties and shopping with friends, what matters the most is that Christmas 2018 will be sparkly     Grab two friends and some shopping, a bunch of glitter and you’re ready to play! Cities wrapped up in a romantic flash […]

By Claudia Carrocciaon 18/12/2018