Defining something whose most immediate meaning is “clothing for the streets” is much more complicated than expected. Everything is streetwear: a kaleidoscope of styles that we identify among pedestrians in the city, the trends that come and go among social media influencers and those pants that we looked everywhere for three years ago and now […]

By Jacopo Beltramoon 10/07/2019

…and we’re back. The time has come to return to Italy, to our home base, enriched by the faces and experiences that have marked these days in Tokyo. Nustox tasted the Far East, discovering original styles and trends: the charm of Japan is persistent and the images it offers are magnetic – it will be difficult […]

By Jacopo Beltramoon 24/05/2019

Less than a month after the death of Karl Lagerfeld, The Style Journal stops to reflect on the legacy that this incredible designer has left behind, his influences on the world of fashion and the echoes of a work that carries a significant weight. The German designer was the leading voice of the Zeitgeist in […]

By Jacopo Beltramoon 20/03/2019

The “sheep jacket“, as the Italians also call the most commonly known shearling jacket, is one of the most unique and prestigious leather of all time: this clothing may be unusual, but cannot fail to be included in a modern gentleman‘s wardrobe. The outerwear evokes eternal thrilling images: just think about the legendary look of […]

By Jacopo Beltramoon 21/12/2018